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Quick Review: Sea To Summit TPU Guide Accessory Case

Sea-to-Summit TPU Guide Pack for documents and phones

The main argument for choosing a particular case was weight. Sea To Summit TPU Guide Accessory Case with a score of 25 grams won a comparison.

When travelling at your home country, as an identity card, usually it is enough to have a driver’s license with you. It is not afraid of water, so take care of its preservation is not necessary. When it comes to trips abroad, the list of documents is expanded with a passport, insurance, tickets and reservation of a hotel or hut. Wetting anything from this list of rainbow effects will not bring, so everyone is sophisticated in ways of protection.

One of the methods can be several plastic office files, stacked one into one, towards the outputs. The solution is cheap and easy. Another way – a special cover, which today is in the sea shops. I stopped at the last version because it seemed easier to implement and easy to operate.

The main argument for choosing a particular case was weight. Sea To Summit TPU Guide Accessory Case with a score of 25 grams won a comparison with Trimm and Trekmates. Information about the individual verification of each case according to the IPX8 standard dispelled all doubts. Of the three sizes, S-M-L, the most suitable for me was the M-ka (120×165 mm). Its volume is enough for all paper documents, cards for payment, and even a telephone. 

The case is absolutely transparent, which allows you to navigate on both sides in the content.

The cover is closed by twisting the upper part and then fixing the resulting roll with two Velcro pieces.

Included is a strap that is mounted in a slot in the base of the case. As a result, it becomes possible to carry documents on the neck. It is convenient, for example, at the airport.

For a larger hole, the cover for reliability can be attached inside the backpack pocket with a carbine or special key holder.

Among the advantages of materials, the manufacturer boasts the resistance of transparent plastic to frost and ultraviolet. My document keeper is still too young to draw sound conclusions. But I checked its water resistance and was very pleased with it. No matter how heavy the rain, all documents remained dry.

And, although the manufacturer writes in the instructions that the cover does not protect the contents from prolonged immersion in water, I still conducted an experiment. Putting the paper inside (it is easy to determine the presence of moisture from it), I lowered the cover into a bucket of water and pressed it with a load. The paper began to get wet during the sixth hour.

The disadvantage of Sea To Summit TPU Guide Accessory Case is the outer Velcro. After 2 weeks of active use, it noticeably loses in its “stickiness”. In this case, you need to clean, rinse and lightly comb the hairy part. The initial level of fixation will not be restored, but some improvement will be noticeable.

Available colours: yellow, green, blue, black. 

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