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Cacoon Ultralight Microfiber Towel – Minireview

Cacoon Ultralight Microfiber Towel

No matter how I tried to find a light towel, trying to wipe clothes with their subsequent drying, the degree of discomfort during the experiments significantly exceeded the benefit in weight. Therefore, I still decided to purchase this accessory. 

Having studied the available materials, I opted for microfiber towels without lint.

Towels made of such a material can absorb the weight of water four times the weight of the product. Plus, they dry very quickly. Moreover, the towel can be wrung out well and it will become almost dry.

The weight of a towel measuring 120×60 cm is only 150 grams. And volume – of a can of Pepsi. But because the towel can be quickly dried by squeezing it, I take a smaller size, 90×50 cm, weighing 95 grams and the size of a two hundred gram cup.

A disadvantage of lint-free microfiber is not a pleasant feeling when in contact with skin. But for the sake of weight and compactness, you can put up with this.

Many companies make towels made of good quality material, for example, PackTowl (States), Sea To Summit (Australia) and Cocoon (Austria). But, ceteris paribus, the price of the last one is smaller. You can not say that about microfiber with the pile, it will be cheaper at Sea To Summit.

By the way, a few words about microfiber with the pile. It absorbs twice as much moisture as a lint-free and more pleasant sensation. But it is heavier and takes up more space. Therefore, this option is suitable for trips where your luggage does not lie on your shoulders.

Microfiber towels are quite tenacious, and when their condition no longer allows the use of the product for its intended purpose, they perfectly play the role of cloths for dust or for drying the car after washing;)

Cocoon towels come in a lightweight case. But its size is small so that it is easy to re-fold the contents inside. Therefore, I use the cover for various little things, such as batteries and memory cards, and place the towel in the travel bag.

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