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Patagonia Outdoor Gear Brand and Recycling Technologies

As part of ongoing initiatives to improve production processes and reduce environmental impact, Patagonia is committed to minimizing its negative impact on nature. The company’s technologists are diligently calculating how much water they will need at one stage or another of production and are very happy when they manage to reach a minimum. Chemists control everything to be as clean and harmless as possible. And a whole team of athletes confirms their success by example.

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UN Champions of the Earth prize 2019 for Patagonia

American brand outerwear Patagonia received UN prize “Champions of the Earth“. 

  • Patagonia received an award United Nations Leading Environmental Award for Entrepreneurial Vision.
  • The company is awarded for its commitment to sustainability and the struggle to preserve the limited resources of the planet.

September 24, 2019 – The American outerwear brand Patagonia was awarded the UN Earth Champions Award, receiving the UN highest environmental award for a dynamic combination of principles that make sustainability the foundation of a successful business model.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) awarded Patagonia in a ‘business vision’ category.