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Cacoon Ultralight Microfiber Towel – Minireview

Cacoon Ultralight Microfiber Towel

No matter how I tried to find a light towel, trying to wipe clothes with their subsequent drying, the degree of discomfort during the experiments significantly exceeded the benefit in weight. Therefore, I still decided to purchase this accessory. 

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Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles Review

At outdoor exhibitions, I paid attention to the carbon sticks, weighed them in my hand and gradually prepared myself to try them.

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z poles for hiking
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Quick Review: Sea To Summit TPU Guide Accessory Case

Sea-to-Summit TPU Guide Pack for documents and phones

The main argument for choosing a particular case was weight. Sea To Summit TPU Guide Accessory Case with a score of 25 grams won a comparison.

When travelling at your home country, as an identity card, usually it is enough to have a driver’s license with you. It is not afraid of water, so take care of its preservation is not necessary. When it comes to trips abroad, the list of documents is expanded with a passport, insurance, tickets and reservation of a hotel or hut. Wetting anything from this list of rainbow effects will not bring, so everyone is sophisticated in ways of protection.

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What Kilian Jornet Recommends for Trail Runners

hKilian Jornet running. The sky is limit. Mountain trail running


Not so long ago, Patagonia published the second training book by Steve House and Scott Johnston, Training for the Uphill Athlete, which they wrote together with world-class athlete Kilian Jornet. Here is an excerpt from this book.

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Jacket PATAGONIA Micro PUFF – Better than down

Synthetic Down - Patagonia Puff Jacket field testing
Patagonia Puff Jacket

Micro Puff® is the lightest and most compact padded jacket ever made by Patagonia. This even reflects the slogan that accompanies the release of new items on the market: “Take nothing with you”.

Weight and compactness

In terms of weight and volume when folded, Micro Puff really represents literally “nothing.” The weight of the model with a hood is 264 grams, the weight of a model without a hood is 235 grams. And this is a jacket with insulation! Both options fold compactly into your own pocket and in this form are similar in size to a wallet, so finding a place for it is not difficult.

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Patagonia Outdoor Gear Brand and Recycling Technologies

As part of ongoing initiatives to improve production processes and reduce environmental impact, Patagonia is committed to minimizing its negative impact on nature. The company’s technologists are diligently calculating how much water they will need at one stage or another of production and are very happy when they manage to reach a minimum. Chemists control everything to be as clean and harmless as possible. And a whole team of athletes confirms their success by example.

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UN Champions of the Earth prize 2019 for Patagonia

American brand outerwear Patagonia received UN prize “Champions of the Earth“. 

  • Patagonia received an award United Nations Leading Environmental Award for Entrepreneurial Vision.
  • The company is awarded for its commitment to sustainability and the struggle to preserve the limited resources of the planet.

September 24, 2019 – The American outerwear brand Patagonia was awarded the UN Earth Champions Award, receiving the UN highest environmental award for a dynamic combination of principles that make sustainability the foundation of a successful business model.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) awarded Patagonia in a ‘business vision’ category.


Patagonia brand history as seen from 2020

We do business to save our home planet.

Modern Patagonia brand is one of the largest and most famous manufacturers of clothing and equipment for climbers, tourists and all who are interested in outdoor activities. And it all began many years ago with the modest manual production of climbing “iron” and developed into a simple, but such a complex idea. The idea is to grow a business where financial performance and growth rates will remain in the background; a company in which employees will feel free and secure, as in their own family; a company that will not only not cause harm to nature, but will also be responsible to it.