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5 Things I Loved About My Travels

5 Things I Loved About My Travels

Ok, I couldn’t possibly avoid making a follow-up list, could I? I mean if you know me at all, you probably expected an Excel spread-sheet with pie charts and stuff. However after months of spiritual search, I’ve mastered the art of self-control – so you are spared of complex statistical analysis and visual representation of data in 3D. Lucky you!

Instead, I’m posting couple über-basic lists: what I loved and what I hated about my travels. Today’s high five is warm and fuzzy – it’s about the things that rocked. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition though – there will be some nasty, dangerous and dramatically stupid stuff there!

So, in the past 6 months I absolutely loved…

1. Absence of Walls
Being out-of-doors during 99% of my waking hours felt amazing! Unusual, liberating, and generally pretty dope. Apparently humans haven’t evolved to inhabit air-tight, artificially lit spaces for a dozen hours daily. Who knew!

2. Making Friends
Not at work, it is necessary to add. Geez, that was a first for me – to meet so many awesome people, none of whom were from film production (give or take couple DOPs, a producer and an art director).

3. Legal Laziness
I swear on my hammock: I had no clue that a simple act of not working can be SO MUCH FUN! Not sure how I’m supposed to live with this knowledge though… Anybody looking to hire an exceedingly verbal beach bum? For cheap?!

4. Delicious Dishes
Oh, South East Asia, I love you so! Thai curries, Lao coffee, Cambodian amok… Soon, soon I’ll publish a looooong, colorful, picturesque, highly emotional post on the above and much more. With addresses and directions. Trust me, you will want to bookmark that one!

5. Warm. Real Warm!
I’ve been born couple climate zones off: every year I suffer miserably for approximately 7 months. May through September are fine, but the rest I could do without. And no, I don’t miss the freaking snow! Or bare trees. Or cold drizzle. It’s been unspeakably nice to skip this last cold season entirely!