5 Things I Hated About My Travels

5 Things I Hated About My Travels

Here’s a soothing news for those of you who have been stuck in cold offices all winter long: at times my trip through South East Asia has been a phenomenal pain in the ass! There were things now and then that made me deeply miserable. It took some serious guts and a very developed inner beach bum to step over some of the following…

1. Douches of Lanka
The absolute winners of this hate-list are men of Sri Lanka! Dudes, get a grip, a life, a wife, a hobby and a thorough reality check!!! “Obtrusive” is as strong an adjective for them as “bad” for Hitler. 18-year-old waiters and 88-year-old tuk-tuk drivers alike felt the need to express their desire to become my husband while grabbing my hands and shouting their admiration into my face. As I was walking to a 7Eleven in a wee hour of morning. Without make up. With uncombed hair. In floor-length baggy pants. I was inches away from getting employed as a scare-crow, yet my annoying aficionados didn’t seem to care. This kind of endless harassment turned my first week in the land of tea into undiluted hell…

2. Safety… Not Always First
At times I didn’t feel safe. As in on the basic survival level. Hands-grabbing jackasses didn’t exhaust possible reasons for an occasional panic attack. I spent a month in a bungalow which door wouldn’t lock. I assumed it wasn’t particularly dangerous, because the said bungalow was located on a deserted beach of a far-away island – a rather stupid assumption in retrospect. Couple times I nearly stepped on a potentially lethally poisonous snake. But nothing could prepare me for bus rides in Cambodia…

3. Health, Absence Thereof
Surely, I knew that one’s immune system gets bombarded by all the strange crap one encounters in the new lands. In theory. In practice my colds were more frequent than my periods, excuse my French. I’m still trying to get rid of a nail fungi I got in the divers’ paradise of Phi Phi. And don’t get me started on split ends and my once clear skin! One common health issue I had no relation to was stomach problems – thanks again for those genes, dad!

4. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers
Best things in life are free, but traveling ain’t no one of them. Splurging here and there is not a problem during a 2-weeks long vacation. It turns into a bit of a snowball when you’re on the road for months at a time. Being a long-term traveler is being surrounded by things and services one can’t afford. It can get frustrating when, say, a bottle of lovely French Chardonay has so clearly one’s name written on it…

5. The End
I didn’t hate returning – until this day, the pre-last day of my short home-stay, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – it’s leaving that I didn’t care for. No matter how gross, unpleasant or scary some of the above points are, they seem to be but a trifle when one’s travels come to an end!

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