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Month: June 2016

Introduction to Pandora’s Backpack

Introduction to Pandora’s Backpack

Pandora's Backpack logoWelcome to my new blog – Pandora’s Backpack – where I will share my experiences backpacking over the world this year and throughout the next! My goal with this blog is to inspire other budding adventures to take the plunge, set off into the world, and grow your own experiences and memories. I also hope to share some useful tips on good places to go, important resources to bring with you, and the philosophical state of mind a backpacker must wield in order to stay sane!

Deciding to set out for South East Asia last August was one of the most difficult, but important, choices of my life. I am thankful that I received such warm support from my family and friends, which allowed my to begin the journey with a highly positive mindset. Though I set out with relatively little money, I had the safety net of the home to go back to, which was comforting.

My strongest concern upon departure was safety. The news is filled with horrible stories, which paints foreign countries in a bad light. I soon learned, however, that people are people and I received countless kindnesses throughout my travels and met people that I will never forget! That said, it is still important to minimise the risks you take in order to be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

I hope to upload new articles regularly, so please stay tuned for some wonderful stories!